Locking Mailboxes – Protect your identity

In the age of technology where applying for credit cards and loans online is easier than ever people need to be even more concerned about identity theft protection by means of locking mailboxes. All too often people have simple mailboxes that are readily available to anyone at anytime.

While stealing mail is a federal crime it does not stop identity thieves who are far more interested in getting a new credit card, loan, or cell phone in the name of someone else. If you would not leave your wallet and activated credit cards sitting inside your mailbox you should not be any less careful with your mail.

Cases of identity theft are increasing on a daily basis, and if you want to stop identity theft from occurring to you the best thing to do is to start shopping for locking mailboxes that will protect your mail and your private information.

Typically, a thief will open your mailbox and steal all of the mail inside and repeat the process with several other mailboxes in the same day. When all of the mail is stolen this sometimes sends up a warning flag to individuals, however not always.

When the thief has time and only steals the mail that is for credit card offers or loans then you will certainly not realize you were missing a piece of mail you likely never solicited in the first place.

Frequently, mailboxes in front of upscale homes are targeted because identity thieves recognize the increased credit line or loan they might be able to achieve. Once the mailbox is targeted and the mail stolen then the thief applies for as many credit cards, loans, mortgages, or cash advance as possible.

Then, once the credit cards are received they are maxed out immediately. As a result the victim is left the victim is left without all types of possible important mail and high debt that he must prove was not his. This includes hiring a lawyer, talking to the credit card or loan companies, sending in writing samples, and basically wasting a lot of time and money correcting the situation and your credit when you could have easily prevented it by buying a locking mailbox to guard your mail.

If identity theft has not happened to you yet you should be grateful you still have time to buy a locking mailbox in order to protect your identity and credit. You will be targeted at some time and you want to surprise the thief when he opens your mailbox to steal your mail with a locked box that cannot be opened by anyone other than you. You will guard the key and can stop mail theft from happening to you.

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