Locking Mailboxes – Identity Theft Prevention

Identity theft prevention begins with individuals understanding how to best guard their personal information; how to dispose of credit card receipts, old credit cards, and insurance forms; as well as how to protect themselves from mail theft.

Mail theft occurs at an alarming rate and unfortunately victims are unaware because they have no idea certain pieces of mail are missing if they never saw them in the mailbox. Credit card and loan offers frequently are the targeted pieces of mail for mail theft because the thief’s main goal is to not only steal your mail, but also your identity.

Identity theft protection and identity theft prevention are realized when you take action to stop mail theft and identity theft. The easiest thing to do is shop for locking mailboxes. Locking mailboxes for sale are easy to find and you can find them in your local hardware store, home good store, or even online.

Prices range depending on the size locking mailboxes you are looking for. For example, you can buy a small locking mailbox wall mount and a small locking mailbox to hang outside your door or apartment. Or, if you receive large quantities of mail then you might prefer shopping for an upright locking mailbox. Whatever your needs there are locking mailboxes available to meet them.

The prices of locking mailboxes are varied depending on the type of locking mailbox you buy. Some brands are more expensive than others simply because of the name. Also, some locking mailboxes are more expensive because they are truly better and of higher quality. It is your job as the consumer to do a little research and find out which locking mailboxes are going to provide you the security you need and stop mail theft from occurring.

The best secure mailboxes are ones that close securely with all sides of the door closing properly and leaving no space for a thief to try and pry it open. Then, a lock should be sturdy and not easily picked by a thief, either.

If you are deciding between two locking mailboxes and one is cheaper than the other, but the more expensive one properly locks and closes then it is worthwhile to spend the extra money. If you buy a flimsy and cheap locking mailbox you will be giving yourself an unfounded feeling of security simply because an easily broken into locking mailbox is more of a target than an open mailbox because it looks like you have something to hide.

Avoid this and when shopping for locking mailboxes buy one that locks securely to ensure you stop mail theft in its tracks and protect yourself from all the many problems that can arise from not having a secure locking mailbox.

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