Pedestal Drop Box Jumbo Primer



Made of aluminum, Salsbury 4200 series pedestal drop boxes are available in three (3) different sizes. Model #4275 is 15-3/4″ wide, model #4276 is 23″ wide and model #4277 is 30-1/4″ wide. All pedestal drop boxes have the same height of 27″H and depth of 19″D. Standard units are accessed from the rear through a two (2) point latching master door on the 4275 and two (2) master doors on the 4276 and 4277. Each door swings open over 90 degrees for unloading convenience. Standard units include a locking “T” handle on the rear door(s), a weather protection hood and a mail flap on the front of the unit. Units can also be customized (related item #4280) with front and/or rear doors, larger slots or no slots, multiple compartments or as specified to meet your requirements. The pedestal drop boxes feature a durable powder coated finish available in three (3) contemporary colors (or primer) and can be mounted on the optional aluminum pedestal (#4285) or a base of your choice. ORDER PEDESTALS SEPARATELY. Custom engraved placards (related item # 4267) and custom colors (related item # 4205) are available as options upon request.

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Weight 65 lbs